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· The Process ·

     We’ve streamlined our patent process to make the production of your estimate as accurate and easy as possible.  An experience like none other.


 It’s as easy as…1-2-3:






Simply click “Schedule an Estimate” at the top of the page and be forwarded to our webform, where you can answer a few simple estimate-related questions to get the

ball rolling.


You’ll also be sent a receival confirmation form, the same as we receive, so you know we’ve gotten your assignment!

Submit An Estimate Request Form (ERF)

Standby For Estimate


New assignments are usually scheduled within 1-2 days of submittal.


  Sometimes, we can see the property the very next day.  


Recieve VIP Master Folder

You’ll receive your very own 24-hour accessible Dropbox link that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device! 


Download and save photos, PDFs, and other documents right at your fingertips. 


You’ll always be connected to your office-on-the-go!

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