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Public Adjusters 



As a Public Adjuster, you serve a crucial role in the Florida insurance industry. 

Protecting your clients’ rights & interests is your

main priority.


Your estimate serves

as the backbone of

the claim, and it’s important to hire

a company that

you trust.


Sending unsavory individuals into your clients’ home can have negative repercussions and leave a bad image of your company. Make sure you’re sending only the best into their households.  We offer competitive rates for all Public Adjusters and welcome a phone

call anytime.

Contractors/ES Providers 


We admire and respect

our  hard-working

Florida Contractors

and first-responders. 


Constant worries about P/L, laborman-hours, insurance, workman’s comp, material pricing, permitting - contractors do indeed have a vast logistical minefield to navigate every day. 


You needn’t bother yourselves with the tediousness of measuring, taking photos, and job

notes – friend, leave

that part part up to us,

call now.





We love our attorneys.


As a South Florida attorney, you realize the industry is

ever-changing and you need a reputable estimator that will keep up with the times. 


We’ll take the fear out of worrying if the estimate is accurate, or if all the items were listed in the estimate. 


We are also

well-versed with insurance terminology and legalese, so we will be able to speak your language. 

Realtors &

Real Estate Agents


 As a real estate agent, you are a determined and tenacious individual, wanting to get the best deal for your client as possible.


Whether it’s a tough bank deal, foreclosure, or short sale, we can produce a

top-quality estimate that will put you in a high-leverage position, and give you the ammunition you need to significantly reduce the final sale price of the home. 


Don’t settle for a scribbly, yellow-paper messy bid or proposal from Bob’s Handyman service down the street,

call Apex,

we’ll take care of it.

...And Many More!

If you're in the service industry, chances are, you'll need an estimate at one point or another.


Call now to see how we can serve you today!

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